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June 24th thru July 4th


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Wake the neighbors and set off car alarms with this 500 gram cake. 12 huge shots with vivid reds, emerald greens, vibrant yellow chrysanthemums and a massive silver peony finale.

An “extreme” 36 shot 500
gram cake that has 6 alternating
shots that feature whistling tails
and crackling flowers. This
monster truck madness is
sure to double the amount of
stars in the sky.

Designed to impress the most
hardcore shooters, this 500 gram,
30 shot cake begins with
sequential shots of bright
blue mines breaking to deep red dahlia’s and finalizes with a
5 shot burst that will
Rock Your World!!!

The #1 selling 500 gram cake in America!
16 huge shots of gold willow
multi-blooming crackling
flowers with a quickened,
giant 3 shot finale.
Each shot goes up approximately
150-200 feet and breaks
100-150 feet wide.
Containing the top 5 effects in
fireworks. This 500 gram cake
earns the right to wear the
Skull and Crossbones! 33 shots
traveling approximately 150-200 feet with glittering stars, crackle, fish, pearls, chrysanthemums,
and a huge 3 shot red
chrysanthemum finale.
A must have for any display!

Leave ‘em shakin in their boots!
This 500 gram, 22 shot cake features 3 big cannons of red, yellow and purple stars with green glitter, cannons of red to yellow crackles, silver brocade, orange with green glitter, yellow and green crackles finishing with 3 big cannons of crackling red
to green stars.


She’s a mean one!
This 16 shot 500 gram cake
shoots over 32 different colors
into the sky in a huge display
of colored willows and
hair curling crackles.
The most colorful 500 gram cake
in the country!

Experience the wrath!
This 49 shot, 500 gram cake explodes with sweeping
fountains of gold dust mines
infused with crackling stars
and a multi-shot finale that
lights up the sky
like fire and brimstone!
Be careful with this temptress!
A loud, 12 shot, 500 gram cake
featuring silver waves and gargantuan multi-colored
shots that change from
shimmering silver to ruby red
to deep vivid greens, to bright yellow and beautiful purple.

Jump on and take a ride!
This affordable, 9 shot, 500 gram cake delivers plenty of bang for the buck. Loud 2 inch shots of multi-colored waves, glitters, and peonies, featuring one of the most awesome, vivid red effects
you will ever see!
This 500 gram cake is not
kidding around. Alternating
red crackling stars with green
and blue bouquets and
crackling tails. Ending with
a huge 12 shot finale.

This one really delivers the
goods! A 500 gram 49 shot
cake with giant sweeping
fountains of gold and silver
sparkles infused with brilliantly flaming blue orbs, and a
massive finale that can be
seen all the way to the interstate!
A high flying 500 gram cake
with 36 shots of beautiful
whistling birds in brilliant red
and white palms with
blinding white flashes.

This 16 shot 500 gram cake has
a big bark and a bigger bite.
Loud crackling waves packed
with vivid red and green tips.
Release the hounds!!

Celebrate the good old U.S.A
with 500 grams and 16 shots of alternating red, white and blue stars with ear shattering crackles, and a patriotic
4 shot red, white and blue finale.

A 500 gram cake with beautiful blue, purple, red, green, and
yellow palms. Infused with
sparkling white and
glowing green glitter.
Enjoy the inferno with this monster!
This 25 shot 500 gram cake has huge gold tails to powerful
brocade crowns ending with
five shots of totally unique,
beautiful waterfalls.
Be Prepared to bow to the King!

This 12 shot 500 gram cake has red, blue, purple and green peonies, green glitter and cherry crackles. with whistling and crackling tails,ending with a
multi shot, gigantic crackle finale.
Suncreen not included!!

This 3 inch cake is big and loud!
Massive brocade crowns with beautiful green strobes.
We are not responsible for
atmospheric combustion!


Experience true lunacy with this
16 shot 500 gram cake. Red, white, and green crackling mines emit showering sparks ascending up to 200 ft. into red, green and silver waves with a gargantuan
4 shot crackle finale.

 Psychedelic Fountain
500 gram Fountain Red, green,blue white chrys, green blue pine needles, red dragon ball, red,green yellow jelly fish, sunflower to crackling, dragon balls, silver chrys, repeat dragon ball, yellow, green, sunflower crackling, red,blue chrys to crackling

America's Fountain
200 gram Fountain that has height and beautiful blues and red colors, very vibrant colors with good duration,timing.

America's Celebration
2"-12 shot 500 gram cake. Red, white and blue peony

American Intensity
Awesome hard hitting 500 gram aerial cake that is 9 shots of red palm tree to silver brocade crown breaks to blue palm tree; golden willow breaks to big purple palm tree breaks with a yellow palm tree ending.

Anxiety Attack
500 Gram Cake-A total of 30 breaks that rip roar. This cake leaves you guessing, you feel like each sequence of shots could have been the finale, but, it just keeps getting better. Lemon, sea blue, orange and yellow palm trees with white glitter.

Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty
The Mother of all Mothers in the way of 500 gram aerial cakes-Exciting new high performance aerial cake
Highly Contagious
30 shot 500 gram cake.Red,blue and yellow dahlia with green glittering

Grave Digger
30 shot 500 gram cake. Brocade crown mine with brocade crown to red and green stars

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere
High performance 500 gram aerial cake that shoots really hard breaks of gold palm trees with variegated colored glitter ending with time rain along with crackling willow breaks.

Gorilla Warfare
30 shot 500 gram cake. Blue mines to red dailha with white glitter.

Make it Rain
This superb fan-shape cake bursts into volley of breath-taking silver palm trees. Then changes to a ravishing red. You will be blue with Envy when you see the mines and stars in the sky! A truly patriotic cake!

Too Much For You
This 30 shot 500 gram opens with white glitter mines that are followed by gold palms with red tips. Then comes another row of blue mines followed by gold palms with blue tails and then mines again with another volley of gold palms with green tips.

 Grapes over Vineyard
200 gram cake-25 shot crackling dragon tails to multi color bouquets with crackle. A very popular performer.
If you only buy one cake this year, this should be it.

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